How to Insert One Word Document to Another Word File

Many people may meet this case: you just want to insert one Word document to another Word file or attach a Word to another Word. So, in this article, I want to share some experience on this topic and tell you some tricks to do this with easy ways.

Let’s take the simplest situation for example, you have two Word documents, Word A and Word B, now you want to insert Word A into Word B. Below are the steps:

First, open Word B in Microsoft Word;

Second, place the cursor in the position where you want to insert Word A document;

Third, click Insert in the Tabs bar and find Object, you will see two options: Object and Text from File. If you want to only insert plain text of Word A to Word B, please choose the second option, otherwise, you can insert the whole file of Word A to Word B.

Let’s choose Object for example.

Fourth, click Object to browse Word A;

Fifth, press OK to insert Word A to Word B;

The Word A – pdf converter sample is inserted into Word B – Simpo pdf to word sample.

Now you can click the icon to open Word A, but please make sure that Word A and Word B are located in the same computer; the icon is just a shortcut to Word A.

Now, you can try this way to insert one Word document or more to another Word as you need; and you can insert many Word documents into one if you want.

Of course, this way is not just applicable for Word documents, you can also insert PDF, PowerPoint and other files into Word.

It is just so easy, isn’t it? If you have other easier way to insert one Word document to another Word, please post your advice in the comments.

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