How to Re-associate and Open PDF with PDF Reader?

Many people may meet this situation: you want to view a PDF file but just find that it is not opened with Adobe Reader, but opened by other programs that do not support PDF format. You may wonder, ‘what is the problem? I have installed the newest version of Adobe Reader on my computer, but can not open PDF file with it.’

Some times the PDF files can not be recognized by PDF reader and you need to re-associate those PDF files with the PDF reader, then you can view all PDF files as normal.

How to re-associate and open PDF with Adobe Reader? Actually, it is easy.

Step 1, choose a PDF file, then right click, go to Open With and select Choose Program.

Step 2, select Adobe Reader from Recommended Programs list, andd check ‘Always use the selected program to open thsi kind of file’ option. If you can not find Adobe Reader from the list, click the Browse button to open the the program.

Step 3, done. Now you can try to open other PDF files with Adobe Reader.


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