How to split your PDF document

By using Simpo PDF Merge & Split, you can easily split your PDF document. Just follow the below steps, you can easily do this.

1. Launch the PDF Merge & Split program by clicking the icon. Select split to go to split interface.

2. Import the file which you want to split.

3. Choose the range of PDF to split. Either whole or a specific part.

4. Select the split method. (You can split by pages; it can be one page per PDF, or several pages per PDF. Choose the “Extract pages” and specify the portion, you can just pull that part from PDF. If you need to remove some part, select remove pages, typing the range, then done!)

5.Give the name of your new file and set the output directory.

6. Click Split button.

7. Finish.

See, it is really easy to split a PDF file if you have downloaded and installed the PDF Merge & Split onto your computer.

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