Office 2010 is Sold 30 Pieces Per Minute

Although some research institution declaimed that the initial sales volumn of Office 2010 was disappointing, Office 2010 has been sold up to 6 million since it was available in June, it’s the fastest-selling office software ever. “So far, this release has been so well received by our customers. In fact, this is the fastest-selling version of Office in our history.” Said Kurt DelBence, President of the Microsoft Office Division, during the Office 365 launch event in San Francisco.

Office 2010 now ranks as the fastest selling consumer version of Office in history, with more than 6 million copies sold to date – more than 30 copies of Office 2010 being sold every minute.”The Microsoft IW News Bites team member added.

With the release of Office 2010, Microsoft is including free browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, enabling users to view and edit the most common Office documents with just a Web browser without installing desktop Office software.

People use Office in daily life and work, however, it is not convenient for sharing and exchanging, as the formatting may be scrambled after sending to other people. In this case, many people prefer to PDF format, which could be read the same as sender, as formatting and content can be retained accurately.

Demand generates market. So, there are many tools like PDF creator on the Internet, you will be bewildered to find a handy and easy to use one. We are looking for top 3 free PDF creators to convert Office to PDF.

1. Microsoft Add-in. If you are using Office 2007 or later, you can download this Add-in to save your office files to PDF.

2. Convertword2pdf. This is an online PDF converter, which could convert Word to PDF accurately, but it can only convert Office Word to PDF, not for other Office file like Excel and PowerPoint.

3. Simpo PDF Creator Lite. It is a desktop client freeware to create PDF from Office. So, if you want to convert not only Word, but also Excel and PowerPoint, you can try this one. By the way, this application can also create PDF from Images and some other printable Windows files.

It’s said that Office 2010 can be saved as PDF format directly, no need Add-ins, so, it’s easy for you to use Office 2010. You can access to here to see the tutorial for “Office 2010 save as PDF”!

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