PDF Creator can also create PDF document

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic document format which can be used in Windows, UNIX and Mac. Because of this feature, it has been the most suitable tool for the electronic document publication and digital information transfer in the internet. More and more fields start to use PDF format, such as electronic book, email, product introduction and so on, PDF has become an important part of our daily life. But how can we create our own PDF document?

Definitely, Adobe Acrobat will be the first choice. Because it’s Adobe’s product, people find it’s reliable. Yes, we have to admit that it does be a good product which can support you to create and edit your PDF documents, and also can convert any types of document into PDF format. But is it perfect? No, still some problems are there, such as Compatibility, installation ect. And its high price makes many people shrink. We have to think if there are other choices? PDF Creator can answer your question!


PDF Creator is an application which can support you to convert any types of document into PDF document. During the conversion, you can encrypt your document by setting the password and limit the behavior of users as well, such as copy, edit, ect. Nowadays, there are many popular PDF Creator products, for instant, Simpo PDF Creator, CutePDF, Nitro ect.


Usually, the size of PDF Creator is small, so you can save your downloading time and disk space. You don’t need possess professional knowledge, it’s easy to use. Just need you to “CONVERT”. As everyone knows MS Word very well, so it’s better to create document in Word, then convert it into PDF, meanwhile, you can also save your time.  And the price of those products mostly is considerable. For example, Simpo PDF Creator is only 2.8 MB, and costs $29.95. Hence, it means it’s easy to get our own PDF documents.


Benefit is always the most attractive temptation. The biggest one is efficient work. PDF Creator can let you invest low cost to get high output. If so, why don’t you use it at once?

 Hence, we have to accept that PDF Creator can also create PDF document. And it is a good one to create as well.

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