PDF to Word Review

This is the review which is written by the person who are using our software. Thanks very much for his support.

Frustration can overcome the innocent computer user who is intent on completing a form that has been e-mailed in PDF format.  Of course, the ‘geek’ already knows that it isn’t possible to edit PDF’s (at least not without a lot of fiddling around – and even then it isn’t universally possible) but this is scant comfort to the frustrated.  But now there really IS a solution and Simpo Tech, among their comprehensive collection of PDF solutions, offer just the answer.  Using their programs it is now possible to either convert a PDF file into a Word document (imaginatively entitled “PDF to Word”) or even simply into text with “Simpo PDF to text”.

Of course they couldn’t finish there and Simpo also offer programs to create PDF’s from any Windows application (Simpo PDF Creator) or even specific batches of Word documents into PDF files (Simpo Word to PDF). Not to be outdone, they can even offer an editing solution with “Simpo PDF Merge & Split” that provides the ability to merge several PDFs into one PDF document as well as splitting one PDF document into several PDF’s. This program offers the additional security of password protection, which is a great solution for sensitive documentation (or the paranoid author).

For people like me, almost stuck in the past where it was pretty much unthinkable to be doing anything other than reading PDF files, the plethora of PDF solutions from Simpo is like a breath of fresh air. With a battery of programs offering an inexpensive solution the option is now there to do almost anything you need to. Don’t delay, lookup www.simpopdf.com today!

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