Print Multiple Pages per Sheet with Preview on Mac OS X

It’s a shame to waste a lot of paper printing a handful of pages one to a paper.  And sometimes, people may want to print multiple pages on a single page from a PDF, ie: pages 1 and 2 onto a single page, pages 3 and 4 on another single page etc. But if you’re using Mac OS X,  Preview application, installed on all Macs, has a printing trick that supports to print multiple pages per sheet automatically.

First, open the PDF in Preview window.

Second, set up options. To print multiple pages per sheet, first select the Layout option from the Print dialog. It is part of the menu marked “Preview.”

Third, choose the number of pages which should be printed on one side of a single sheet of paper. You can also optionally set the layout direction, and whether a border should be printed around each individual page. In this example, there will be two pages printed on a page on each side, for a total of four pages on a single sheet of paper when duplexed. If you want to print two pages per sheet on one side and leave it black on another side, just uncheck the box before “Two-Sided”, and your PDF file will be printed out as you want.

If you need to print multiple images per page, the Preview also can do this for you.

First, put all your images in a single Preview window. If you already have one image open, display Preview’s sidebar and then drag the other images from the Finder to the sidebar. If you don’t have any images open, you can open them at once by dragging them all onto Preview’s icon in the Dock or in the Finder.

Next, select all the images in the sidebar by clicking on one and then pressing Command-A. Now choose File: Print Selected Images, or press Command-P. In the dialog box that appears, choose the number of images you want on each page from the Images Per Page pop-up menu. (Don’t see this? Reveal more options by clicking on the disclosure triangle to the right of your printer’s name.) You can choose to have multiple copies of each image if you check the Print N Copies Per Page option; otherwise, each image is printed once.

Of course, the Preview application can fulfill the basic need to print multiple images per page with normal view. If you want to print multiple images per page with different style, you can use a Collage Maker.

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