Read EBook on portable devices by using PDF to Text converter

EBook has been popular for a long time; people like to read books on their cell phones, iPod, MP4 etc. Normally, the format of EBook is in PDF format, unfortunately, almost all the portable devices cannot support PDF format. Hence, here is the solution. We can use this free PDF to Text converter to convert PDF to Text, as all are compatible with TXT format.

Simpo PDF to Text is a FREE PDF to Text converter but professional, with which you could convert your PDF to Text and PDF to TXT format for totally free! It’s a standalone application, Adobe® Acrobat or Adobe® Reader software is not required. PDF to Text processes at high speed and you can convert PDF to Text files in a batch. What you have to do is to import several PDF files at a time and click Convert, and then you will get DOS/Windows, UNIX, or Mac compatible Text Files.

Firstly, to convert PDF to Text document, we need to import the file which you want to convert to Simpo PDF to Text. After that, all the imported files will be displayed.

Secondly, we can choose the output path so that we can find the files easily after convert PDF to Text.

Finally, it’s the time to start to convert PDF to Text document. Just click the “Convert” button, then done!

After finished convert PDF to Text document, you can transfer the txt file to your cell phone, mp4 player etc. for the iPod users, you don’t need transfer it by connecting iTunes. Just use it as USB, create a file which can be called as “Notes”, put the TXT file in it, and then done!

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