Review of PDF to Word converter

Have you disturbed of finding a right PDF to Word converter on the internet? Maybe many people meet the same case: you just type “PDF to Word converter” in the search engine, then a lot of websites list in sight, you go to each website to try the application, but find it time-consuming to get a suitable one. Generally, there are 6 factors to choose a PDF to Word converter.

1. Output quality;

2. Price;

3. Conversion speed;

4. Support batch conversion;

5. Support converting encrypted PDF files.

To different people, the preference of factors he considers is probably different.To choose an efficient PDF to Word converter, one should make a decision based on the specific circumstance. Here are some popular PDF to Word converters. You can choose the right one after comparing each of the advantages and disadvantages as the factors mentioned above.

1.Online PDF to Word Converter

Most online PDF to word converter could convert PDF to Word files successfuly. What’s more, they are totally free. So, I will introduce some good sites to you for reference.

Advantage: can convert PDF to Word free and directly, no need to provide email address, this saves a lot time to wait to receive converted Word files from email. Even, it could allow you to convert encypted PDFs, and the output quality is good enough as some paid PDF to Word converter. More important, it’s totally free.

Disadvantage: Not support batch conversion, another problem, you cannot convert PDF to Word when there is no network.

2. Desktop PDF to Word converter

As most online PDF to Word converter cannot support batch conversion, but people occasionally need to batch convert PDF to Word documents to save time. At this time, desktop PDF to Word converter is an alternative.

Simpo PDF to Word converter

Advantage: Simpo PDF to Word converter can convert up to 300 PDF files at a time, even encrypted PDFs, and the conversion speed is 500% faster. The quality of output Word files is top-north, as this application could preserve all contents, not just the layouts and formatting, but also tables, graphic objects like Line, Curve and Rectangle. See the PDF Sample and Word Sample.

Disadvantage: It costs $29.95(comparing with $39.95 of original price, it’s cheaper!)

Now, you can make your own choice as your need. If you occasionally convert several PDFs to Word files, try free online PDF to Word converter; but if you are in regular need to convert many PDF files to Word, you can count on Simpo PDF to Word converter.

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