The other way to convert PDF to Word – OCR

There are many ways to convert PDF files into word format. You can install Microsoft Office Add-in tools; you can buy a good PDF to Word converter, even more, if there is only one page in your PDF file, you can just simply import it into word. However, here what I want to declare is not all the PDF documents can be converted by using the above methods.

What’s the exception?

There is more than one way to create a PDF document. One of these methods is by using a scanner, or similar machine, that takes an image of a document and then stores this image as an electronic PDF file. So to scan this PDF into word format, we will need another tool which is called OCR.

What is OCR?

According to Wikipedia, “Optical character recognition, usually abbreviated to OCR, is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text (usually captured by a scanner) into machine-editable text. It is used to convert paper books and documents into electronic files.”

Convert PDF to word with SimpleOCR

First, what we need to do is convert your PDF document into images, here you can use Photoshop to achieve it. Secondly, you can use SimpleOCR to scan your images, after that all the words in the images will be extracted into the word document. It can be set up to read directly from a scanner or by adding a page (jpg, tiff, bmp formats). And the converted format can be .doc or .txt.

Tips: addition to SimpleOCR,you can also use Microsoft office document image, TopOCR, FreeOCR etc, and Google Drive also supports to edit a scanned PDF file.

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