Who bite Adobe Acrobat’s cheese?

Since Adobe Reader appeared, it had rooted in everyone’s mind deeply. Meanwhile, the PDF had spread the whole world. More and more fields start to use PDF format, such as electronic book, email, product introduction and so on. It seems Adobe had monopolized the whole market.

Is it a perfect tool for our daily work? The person who had used Adobe Reader will find that it cannot be changed and edited. So people usually feel embarrassed to deal with it. According to this drawback, Adobe created Adobe Acrobat.

Well, you can’t deny it is not a good product, but you have to admit it’s not affordable. Due to this, many entrepreneurs perceive that it’s good motivation for the benefit. Suddenly, it seems, just one night, when you got up, turned on the computer, there were many different kinds of software appeared trying to occupy the seat which may belong to Adobe Acrobat.

Developers even explored another way to achieve this target which Acrobat had done. For instance, Simpo PDF Creator can create PDF by converting any printable document. Hence, around the PDF, the aggressive competition had taken place. Taking the position of users to think about it, mostly people prefer to use the cheap product but with complete functions. Based on that standpoint, Acrobat may lose its little market.

But consider of its strong and fabulous features, some users will still choose to support it. I had been looking for several days, there are many good, cheap and competitive products in the internet, and they are using their ways to try to share this big cheese with Acrobat. But can Acrobat be defeated just so easily?

“Classic will always be classic. “Acrobat had possessed its own user cycle which will not be affected by outside strong attract. Thus, it means Adobe Acrobat just shared a little “PDF Cheese” with its competitors, to bite the whole cheese; this competition will still last a little long time. But we have to admit, their existence make our works easier and more efficient.

In all, no matter what will happen, no matter what will change, in future, I think Adobe have been a constant icon in PDF world, we all believe it will turn better and go further.

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